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Discover your God given purpose and make a difference in Winnipeg with us.

Join our team at our Startup Party and, be a part of something truly special.

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God's Family Church is Launching a Life-Giving Church in Winnipeg for you and your family to grow and thrive and we need you to be a part of it!

Launch Date: September 15, 2024 | 10am
Northwest | Winnipeg

Be a part of the Story

God's Family Church

Experience and live a rich and satisfying life through Jesus Christ.

Why Winnipeg

The Opportunities

Population: 749,607 (2021)
Details: Located in the heart of Canada
People: Diverse, welcoming and friendly
Motto: One with the strength of many
Slogan: Made from what’s Real.

Winnipeg has relatively affordable homes and a lower cost of living. A city rich in history, attractions, and accessibility to nature. A family hub where many call home and come to unite with their families.

Why Winnipeg

The need

Hub of commerce and still the gateway to the west
According to the city of Winnipeg annual population growth report by Winnipeg census metropolitan area (CMA), Winnipeg is forecast to increase population by about 9,200 people in 2013 to 9,500 people annually till 2035 by people migrating to call Winnipeg home, these people will not only need houses they will need a church.

Why Winnipeg

The Brokenness

Based on the 2021 census,
36.7% reported no religious affiliation.
Meaning more than 1 out of every 3 people don’t have a religion. Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) reported that Manitoba saw a higher proportion of youth mental health hospitalized during the pandemic compared to the years before. Their data shows that in 2019, a total of 7,487 children and youth were hospitalized for all types of conditions and in 2020 a total of 7,702 children and youth were hospitalized for mental health disorders. The church can help give hope, foster love and care in the community.

Also based on the 2021 census report and an article on Winnipeg Free Press, 53.3% of Canadians identified as Christians. This is down from 67.3% in 2011 and 77.1% in 2001. Of those who identify as Christians, about 30 per cent are Catholic (down from 39 per cent in 2011)
Meaning there are some decline in Christianity, COVID-19 also didn’t help some churches as they had to close down and involvement of the Church in the Residential school system, sex scandals, family breakups, parents and grandparents not taking their kids to church.
This trend as got to stop, there is a need for revival in the city, the days of God’s power when God’s people will be willing to do His will.

Our Purpose

We exist to seek and save the lost, to advance the kingdom of God, and to prepare God’s Family Church(es) for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our Mission Statement

To guide each person to experience and live in God’s love, word, and power, and grow to fulfill God’s purposes.

Our Vision Statement

To help each person experience Christ’s transforming power, feel welcomed and loved in the family of God, grow in love, fulfill God’s purpose through the power of the Holy Spirit, and help others achieve the same.

What We See

A Heathy life-giving Church sprouting from the Northwest of Winnipeg and spreading the good news, love and hope of our lord Jesus Christ across the world.

A Church bringing youths and young families back to God and to the Church.

A Church caring for the singles, single parents, and bring the lonely into family and the family of God.

A Church that prays, equip, empower & trains each person to pray.

A Strong vibrant church making a difference in the community, serving with different gifts, various ethnic groups, including blacks and first nations, fulfilling God’s purposes, bringing smiles to people faces, love and restoration back to families.

A Church like a school where the members are growing the in the knowledge of God and have tasted the good word of the Lord.

A Church that would bring the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to 1 Million people by 2034

A Heathy life-giving Church sprouting from the Northwest of Winnipeg and spreading the good news, love and hope of our lord Jesus Christ across the world.

A Church that is growing and whose members are growing in their personal life, career and ministries

A Church living life together like a family, fellowship together in love and unity, connecting with other families of believers, families in the church and loving on each other in small groups.

A Church that is generous and excellent.

A Church with family friendly facility.

A Church where people find freedom and live free.

A Church like a clinic where people receive healing in the spirit, soul and body through faith in the word of God and the name of Jesus Christ.

A Church that would get her members ready for the return of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Church making disciples, training them to be disciple makers, through church planting and missions, living by the Authority of the Scriptures (Bible).

Who should join our Launch Team?

If you feel the calling to be a part of a church from the start.

whether it's a passion instilled by God or simply piqued interest, you're welcome to join us.

Anyone looking for a new Church

If you're looking for a Church, we'll be delighted to welcome you

Any missions group

Missions group of a church or independent gospel mission organizations can partner with us

Any color, any race, any accent

God's Family Church is a multiethnic and multicultural church

Students, working, or retired

As long as you have 1 -2 hours a month.

New, migrated or Born in Winnipeg

Whether you live in Winnipeg or Headingley our church is accessible to you.

everyone is welcome

How you can help!
Join our Volunteer/Launch Team/Sub-Teams

As a valued member of our Launch Team, you'll have the exceptional chance to contribute your skills and enthusiasm to any of our five pivotal sub-teams during the Church's monumental launch. Whether your passion lies in greeting guests, managing technology, leading worship, organizing events, or coordinating outreach efforts, there's a place for you to shine brightly.

Feeling uncertain about where you fit in or what talents you possess? No problem! We're dedicated to helping you uncover your unique strengths and passions. Join us for our enlightening three-session growth track course, where we'll walk alongside you in a discovery session. Through this journey, you'll gain valuable insights into your gifts and how they align with God's purpose for your life, empowering you to serve Him wholeheartedly

First Impressions sub-team

Help to welcome families as they come in the premises & check in kids.

Kids' Experience sub-team

Help the kids to have a wonderful experience throughout the service

Hospitality Team Sub-Team

Help people have something to drink or eat before or after service

Worship Music Sub-Team

Provide great worship and praise music experience for people with your voice, instrument or gifts.

Production and Public relations Sub-Team

Help people hear, see, and engage the church online, and in person.

Benefit from our Growth Track Training.

A training based on three themes mentioned below. You will also be given free access to online training resources and coaching in the areas you want to serve, so will grow better.

Discover Jesus

Discover more about Jesus

Discover the Church

Discover more about the church.

Discover your purpose

Discover more about your gift

Your opportunity to get Baptized

We can baptize you in water by immersion as Christ exemplified and you will receive a certificate of water baptism if you have not been baptized before as an adult follower of Christ. We also believe Jesus came to give Holy Spirit baptism to all who are hungry for more. You can receive the Holy Spirit as well.

Meet Our lead church planter's family

Victor & Ronke Taiwo

Victor & Ronke have been called of God to launch and lead a visionary Church that brings the rich and satisfying life of Jesus Christ to all people in a way that engages them, equip them, and empower them to lead others to Jesus.

Victor and Ronke met in 2008 and have been happily married since 2009. They have chased after God’s calling in ministry together ever since. They believe the local church is God's provision to bring the lonely into family and the local church is the hope of Christ to disciple the world.

Victor and Ronke have spent 10 years leading and serving as Pastors in the local church ministry in Nigeria.

They moved to Winnipeg in response to Gods call to launch God’s Family Church in 2019.

Victor & Ronke loves it here in Winnipeg and believe that God has sent them here for such a time as this, they believe there is a revival coming to Winnipeg and are happy to work together and labor with already existing pastors, leaders and churches in Winnipeg to pray God's kingdom to come and His will be done.

Victor and Ronke's love and empathy for people, drives them to pray for people in Winnipeg and lead them to Jesus, make disciples them with the goal of helping them grow to maturity in Christ and make heaven.

Victor and Ronke loves hanging out at restaurants, sports events and watching movies together with their kids, Ini, Ife, Ire, Ere, team and friends.

Be a part of the journey! Get Involved!

We’ll be honored for you to partner with what God is doing and wants to do through God’s Family Church in Winnipeg, and here are three ways you can be involved.

Join our Team

If you live in the Winnipeg area, we would love to have you join our team to put your gift to use or serve to make a difference! Tell someone here about us looking for a Bible Standard Life-Giving Church. If you live outside of Winnipeg and interested, pray and ask God if He would have you move/drive to the City of Winnipeg to help start God's Family Church.

We kept a spot for you on our team God's Family! Find fulfillment using your gifts to make a difference, join us at our Startup Party.

You will meet friendly, and happy people. You'll be in a great company of lovers of Jesus Christ!

I'll be there!

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Your order

Your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we welcome the whole family. We’ll provide child care with certified staff. Kindly let us know how family or friends are coming with you, so we can make adequate preparations for them.

Typically, it’s an hour event. 45mins for coffee, meals, drinks, games and connections and the last 15mins is spend sharing about great things we see God doing in Winnipeg.

No, we don’t serve alcohol in any of our parties. We care so much about the liver.

North West of Winnipeg, this would be central to everyone in Winnipeg and on Portage Avenue leading to Headingley, great bus route with accessibility.

Contact us for Inquiries